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Are you alone?

I want you to be alone when you read these words from my lips, dripping like honey.

Now spread them apart.

You know how.

Reach down with one finger, the other hand gently grasping my lush peachy perky ass.

She’s all for you when I thrust her in the air while I slide my tongue up and down your… ahhhh.

Activate your thumb, baby.

Swirl it round and round, like a soft serve machine.

Now you use your tongue.


Din Dins
Curious? Let’s get to know each other (Open to Imbibe with you)
$999 –
90 mins
$1699 - two hours
An Enchanting Interlude
US $1,999 - A decadent indulgence ~ (1) one hour
US $2,749 - A decadent indulgence ~ (2) two hours
A Delightful Dalliance

US $3,349 - Let’s revel in each other’s company ~ (3) three hours

A Sensual Awakening

US $3,969 - A date kissed by divinity ~ (4) four hours

US $4,469 ~ (5) five hours

Soul Nourishment

US$5,169 - Let’s get lost in each other ~ six hours


Just U&Me Date 

US $6,069 - Full day date

Slow Dancing in a Dark Room

An evening to remember ~ twelve hours

US$7,969 - 12 hours (Day)/16 hours (Overnight)


Why Exquisite Serenity?

The mission is to build a safe environment and relaxing, fun, positive, and independent relationships with others. 

They are here by choice, not by chance. I want others to enjoy being in my team to learn new skill sets, life advice & experience, or anything we learn from each other and grow. 

Helping other unprivileged women who cannot make an income to survive in a big city like Los Angeles so they can support themselves and their families or even stand up on their own feet is what I stand for and the brand.

To be part of the brand, they must strive and work hard, be active, reliable, professional in communication, punctual, and know how to present themselves.


Before we meet, there are few guidelines you need to comprehend to ensure we have a delightful and unforgettable experiences.​


  • Having transparent communication without making assumptions is preferred, so please feel free to question me without any reluctance.

  • Booking weeks or even months ahead is no issue. The minimum booking for incall and outcall is 4 hours.

  • Do not mention the consideration by phone, email, text message, or even in person.

  • I value privacy, discretion, high emotional intelligence, respect, kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, and sincerity.

  • If there is another person present we did not previously agree upon meeting with, our meeting will be canceled immediately. Private drivers, pilots, or chefs are exceptions.

  • I do not smoke. I'm not 420-friendly, but I do not mind if you engage.

  • I respect privacy and trust; anything we do or share will be kept private. I expect the same from you, and please do not discuss me with other people or write reviews anywhere—the same respect in return from me.

  • Chivalry, generosity, a sense of humor, high emotional intelligence, acts of services, and good matters are a big turn-on for me. 

  • I do not send pictures.

  • I am verified on multiple platforms, including SLIXA, PD, and TER, so you can feel safe and comfortable contacting me. I preferred the same way for you to feel safe to connect. 

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