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My Full Story

"Strong women don't have attitude, and we have standards and boundaries."

INT. My desk. Day.


Life is a rainbow!

You never know where it will lead us; everything can change within a blink.


I never see myself being where I am right now, but till this moment, I relish what I do, and it strengthens me not only to be hyperfocus on my startup since 2022 but also to maintain my bar high in my dating life. Your brain must be inquisitive about why I said what I wrote with lots of confusion…


  • I was an entrepreneur for a clothing line when I was 18 for a few years, and I still am an entrepreneur with different career paths. 

  • I was a top student in class/major and held a high position for leadership at any organizations I was involved in. 

  • I am a high-motivated and self-disciplined, assertive personality that some people are afraid or intimidated to work with since they don't understand where my inner fire comes from.

  • I was a girl and am an alpha woman with an average look and a masculine personality because of unpredictable obstacles I've been facing to push and self-motivate myself when encountering life hindrances.

  • They sponsored me to travel for work, awarded scholarships and offered me great opportunities in my career path. I was proud and blessed to receive that, but it wasn't my path as an employee when Covid happened.


There are numerous things that I see in myself; however; I came from a broken family and was unfortunate in my dating life.

I only tend to date a high-profile, thriving, and successful man because I set high standards for my relationship goals, not to replicate what I had been dealt with as a child. So they never see me the third time or the past two months if I don't see the traits I seek. But I still failed tremendously in dating life and did not know why. 


I recognized I was a nerd and shy girl with inexperience and the unconfident trait towards an alpha man. I was quickly attracted to them and became clingy, then got ghosted after "that special moment," even though I considered a selective woman. Not only once but for a few years, it made me question and doubt myself, and I admitted dating was a waste of time. 


This career and I accidentally found each other when I was unaware of its existence until the beginning of 2021 after moving back from the Bay area. It was a shock that made me realize it would have saved tons of time if I had known it earlier to avoid a few years in my early 20s. Yet, at the same time, I was scared and half curious to stay to learn more because of my lack of experience in my dating life. 


I hesitated to stay after the first month since I initiated. I did not cry but was a bit disappointed about why I got into this with all the achievements I got. They say, "If you don't do the choosing, life will choose for you, and it may not be the choice you want." - Robert Anthony.


I decided to stay to self-support my education and high living expenses in Los Angeles, raise funding & capital for the biz as a sole proprietorship, and invest my time wisely with the right person or group of friends. 


I am a young, single, loyal woman who does not want to see another wrong man. Hence, I decided to invest my time wisely in building a stable biz to help unprivileged kids strive for a better life with a similar background. But, more importantly, my mission is to create fun, unforgettable experiences and moments for those in need. Therefore, I am here to provide a unique experience you should try if you still need to. 


For first-timers who would like to try new things in life, I have committed to offering great hospitality and customer service for six years hospitality industry as a part of my professional career. 


All the people I have met since I began were and are my angel investors. I appreciate all the respect, advice, investments, and conversations that enhance my knowledge of men's psychology.


For younger men who are inexperienced towards alpha women or dating life because of the hyperfocus on your career, finance, or even your self and personal growth you have been invested in! I got you! 


I comprehend my values and appreciate the gents in Los Angeles that taught me a clear image of the potential man I seek in life who holds himself as wealthy, respectful, classy, and professional. I will only give up once I find the right one.


I am not here to judge and be judged but to understand where you are coming from and equip you if needed. I do not need to explain my time. I am here for the people who understand the value of who they encounter. I hope our path crosses each other!


Thanks again, and I wish you all the best in 2023. Even though it has been raining, nothing blocks your way except your mind! 


Celine xoxo,

Independent Journey


Orange County

  •  Initiated accidentally in Feb 2021

  • 3 different venues in 3 cities

  • First Nuru took place in Oct.


Los Angeles

  • 5 different cities in OC, 2 cities in LA County

  • Hosted 1st independent event in Downey in March

  • Started a new journey in Beverly Hills in April

  • Started independently at a private venue after Summer

  • Traveled to SF, SD, LV, NYC, and Austin

  • Planned to conduct a new brand in Nov based on the ideas early 2022


Exquisite Serenity

  • Officially launched Exquisite Serenity in Jan.

  • Celebrate the 1-year beginning of my independent journey as a lingerie model (3/22-4/12/23)

  • Upgrading different new services 

  • The summer event is WIP


Be clear about communication and avoid any misunderstanding. Here are a few guidelines you should know:

  • The Promo only applies to 1-hour, 90m, 2hrs NURU sessions, not other services. VIP or adds-on are ONLY available to regulars

    • 100 OFF for regulars (3 visits or more)​

    • 70 OFF for returning clients (2nd time)

    • 50 OFF for new clients (1st time)

  • If you're an ES client who has seen other models more than two times but is a first-timer to me, you're considered my NEW client since I operate independently. 

  • Other promos have not been added to this offer.

  • If you left a TER review specifically for Celine, you can add to this offer for only 1 hr session, not 30 mins.

  • You met Celine once and tried other providers in ES; you're considering returning the client (not repeated, not regular) with Celine.

  • You can book during the promo timeframe to use it Promo the promo ends, but a 300 digital deposit is required to keep the appointment. The deadline to use is June 30, 2024!

Discounts will be auto applied after booking. No need to ask. Please No-negotiate for my time and experiences.

When: Offer ends on May 15, 2024
Where: Incall & Private location 
What: 60 or 90 mins Nuru (Gel + Mattress/Bed)
Who: New, returning, repeated, or regulars clients
Why: 2-year Celebration & Farewell

  • Regulars: Text 310.565.2177 (Celine's direct), 213.722.1400 (ES), or email to book for qualified & screened clients

  • New: Submit info on website. Email communication after get screened.

Celine has the right to refuse to offer this service to anyone.

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