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"Treat me like a queen, and I will treat you like a king. But, if not, I still treat you how you deserve to be treated." - Celine 

Taking advice from a woman's perspective will only give you a delightful experience

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To enjoy a successful, unforgettable, and smooth session with a provider, you should first learn how to present yourself professionally by planning and reserving the session 24-48 hours prior.


She is a lady, she expects you to act like a gentleman, and if you act like one, her experience with you will be one she remembers and appreciates.


Thank You for taking time to read this etiquette!


  • When you call, text or email, introduce yourself by name.

  • Before giving a call, text, or email, ensure to read the model's services and requirements to set up the preferred session promptly with hassle-free.

  • If you're running late or cannot attend the meeting, please kindly text or call to inform us.

  • For emergency reasons, without communicating before or after the meeting, we will remove you from our contact list, and you will not hear anything from us. In addition, we only allow two changes/rescheduling on the same day; if passing a second time with a no-show or communication, your contact will be removed and blocked.

  • Always ask for permission during the meeting to make the first contact.

Time & Donations
Professional Manner

  • On the first meeting with your model make sure to leave the agreed donation, ALWAYS BE CLEAN and WELL GROOMED just as if you were going out on a date.

  • Do yourself and the model a favor and play nicely, if you do you will be treated like a king but you must treat your model like a queen. 

  • When in the company of a model do not assume that they will keep track of time. 

  • If you should happen to exceed the paid amount of time expect to pay additional donations/fees. 

  • Like with any professional field, time means money and you are not entitled to any freebies, so be warned!

General Expectations

  • Stay hygienic: before or upon arrival, or after the session.

  • Do not eat 60 minutes prior to appointment. Maintaining a fresh breath makes everything easier and reduce any discomfort for other parties.

  • Show up 5-10 minutes early.

  • Be considerate if you can’t make your scheduled appointment.

  • Be open about conditions, injuries, state of health


  • Do not ask for additional pictures, selfies or services they have not already agreed upon.

  • Do not record the meeting purposefully; please leave your digital belongings in the washrooms or visible areas the model can notice.

  • Talking about additional donations for off-menu will only scare off a provider and end any further communication between yourselves.

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