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No referral? 
No references?

No ID submission?
No paper trail?

General policy: We want to offer & maintain top services, professional, and NO RUSH experience, so please be extremely patient with us to serve you better!

To book appointments with our models, we require screening and highly recommended to complete 24-48 hours in advance to get approved.

1. You send ALL requested screening info. Missing info will lead to delay.

2. We check your submission (4-48 hours). After that, we will send you the PRIVATE booking site through email or text if approved! 

3. Book with a private site to make an appointment.
4. Follow instructions, and enjoy your session!

However, we would like to collaborate and offer a new compromise to provide flexibility in booking a service as long as we can build trust!

New offer for basic screening!

We still want to know our clients before booking appointments. Regardless of your status, as a new client, we still require a covered ID to ensure you're over 21 to book or enter the premise for a private photoshoot.


For that reason, you will show your covered ID at the online meeting or Instagram Video call.

Thanks for your collaboration and we appreciate you for your decision to try our services!

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After submitting your info, you will receive an email along with instructions to book an online meeting with us for a 5 mins virtual screening OR Instagram Video call to show your ID. We request a 50 deposit for this screening to avoid wasting time and unserious people.

20 for nonrefundable for the meeting.
30 will be applied to your first booking.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you as soon as possible!

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