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Flower Vase and Coral


Japanese & Brazilian

Build: 4'11, Petite & Slender

Weight: 114lbs

Hair length & color:

Long brunette & ombre hair


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

A Bit About Me

I’m Akemi, a rare mix of Japanese and Brazilian. I can speak four languages, Japanse, English, Spanish, & Porteguese. I started my journey five years ago in Tokyo, Japan and have been offer experience from New York, Nevada, to Los Angeles.
My winning charm will help you feel entirely at ease and my smile will be sure to leave you spellbound.
Become my regulars and VIP experiences will be offered with my time and the companionship.

Why Exquisite Serenity?

One of the biggest reasons for me since I'm looking for a private, safe place to offer my time and experience to people who cross my path. On top of that, cleanliness and organization are other things I seek to begin with. 
Others I encounter here are also friendly, laughable, and easy to talk with, so I feel at ease and can be myself without competing and being another person.

Let's Get

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