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Flower Vase and Coral
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Asian, twenty something

Build: 5'2, Slender, Slim, Fit, & Natural 

Weight: 102 lbs

Hair length & color: Long black hair


  • Adventure, outdoor activities, explore new restaurants, the beach & sun, hiking, kayaking, etc anything related to outdoors I would love to try and go on my day off.

  • Fine dining and traveling, luxury lifestyle by working smart & hard at the same time

  • Helping unprivileged individual to be positive in life!

  • Music concert, basketball, beaches, mountains, surfing

Tour Dates

Please RSVP and write me a short email if you're planning to book. Or submit screening below!
ID Screening is required.
No upcoming events at the moment

A Bit About Me

I believe there is a reason why you landed on my page. Look around, and you might find what you are looking for or have been searching for.


Me? I am a wild woman. Otherworldly. Fire filled with abundant streams of heavenly wisdom and mesmerizing eroticism. Soft like a gently bubbling brook, divinely guided by the wind, the moon, the sun, and the stars. Grounded and robust, centered in the earth. Sensuality vibrates from my delicious femininity.

Soft, pillowy cheeks. Slim, slight shoulders. Long, luscious, velvety locks of chocolate hair cascade down my shoulders, echoing the shimmy and bounce of my shapely thigh, toned derrière, and generous hip. I’m gliding, smiling my vivacious smile as I dance into the room. Keep tracing down my intensely scrumptious silhouette, all encased by my smooth, milky delicate skin.

We have crossed paths to share an exceptional, unparalleled experience. It is you I want; I’ll show you how.



I'm Celine, an upscale, sexy, slender, professional, skilled, smart, educated, INDEPENDENT, Petite Asian lingerie model. I'm also an experienced & certified destress therapist who practices yoga & meditation in Beverly Hills. More importantly, I am a down-to-earth free spirit with a wild side, am ambitious in my life, and am very discreet as I keep personal things personal.

My 'modus Operandi" in life is the unforgettable pursuit of wholeness. Sharing deeply intimate moments is a space I have genuinely come to crave. So I ask you to allow me into your world and share what lights the feverish glow in your soul.

As a sapiophile, a brilliant mind endlessly moves me, intelligent, cultivated conversation and the caress of a tender spirit. I love literature, passion, skill, and discipline; these qualities in their various forms pique my interest as much as the cologne wafting from the nape of a stranger's neck.

Travel is my childhood love; my adventuring spirit has taken me from the Far East to the Mid West, and I'm still unsatisfied! My anthropological absolution is the thrill and privilege of witnessing other cultures, religions, and different ways of living life. A passion I channel into the written word, where my pen becomes like flowing waves of milk and honey, bringing sweetness and song to soothe hearts and deliver solace.

I accidentally encountered this career in 2021 and committed to offering top services and experience to bring joy and the best state of mind and body to people who respect my time. 

I failed many times in my dating life and hurt my feelings because I did not know how to maintain my standards due to their job title, fame, background, and looks. But, thanks to this industry, I know how to keep my bar high and not settle for less for anyone. 

I'm a brave woman that will say YES to any challenges and opportunities in life; I will face and overcome any obstacles that life might bring me! I strive for the best, most luxurious life and the most successful path I envision. Therefore, I do not want to associate with people who bring no value into my life and are incredibly selfish with my time. 

Allow me to offer my time, experience, positive energy, professional destress dexterities, quality time, and communication to cure your tiredness and alleviate your occupied life with a pacifying night.

I commit to providing a good time, excellent, high-standard, and unforgettable experience.

If you respect and follow my policies and regulations, I aim to create an unforgettable time and experience for you. I hope our paths cross with each other no matter where you are! I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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However, as there is a time and place for everything under the sun, at my calmest and most poised quintessence, I am the silk-laced warmth in the room, your most treasured confidantè. Therefore, I implore you to take some time out from the busy and the mundane to refresh yourself in a subconscious awakening.

Come while away some time in my company. It will surely be full of glorious, cheeky laughter, warm, comfortable chatter, and deeply healing moments. I am the mystical woman floating across the room, bewitching and twinkling even on the darkest nights. I am the soft wave of electrifying euphoria to take you under my wing, traversing space and time into my intimate chambers, where passion is king.


I will surely caress us in primal scores of pulsating delight.

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Local Gentleman

The donations are for my time and companionship only. I do not accept compensation for anything else.

Meet me in the city of angels.


I prefer longer dates that allow us to get to know each other. My gratuity structure reflects said preference. 

If becoming more acquainted is something you might fancy, please send a detailed request of how you’d like to spend our time together so I can create a truly bespoke experience for you.

Your preferred time, date, and location, or I will send a friendly setup site based on mutual time for your convenience after receiving the requested screening info. More vital, of course, your screening information (two dainty lady references, please, or work verification (LinkedIn/verifiable work email address) alongside a selfie holding a copy of your ID) and a cell phone number are essential. 


The more willingly this is provided, the more at ease I will be. Respect begets respect. It also holds space and allows for deeper, more fulfilling, and intensely euphoric intimate experiences.


All information offered will be kept wholly, securely, and entirely confidential; your cell phone will only be used with permission. 

Why Exquisite Serenity?

The mission is to build a safe environment and relaxing, fun, positive, and independent relationships with others. 

They are here by choice, not by chance. I want others to enjoy being in my team to learn new skill sets, life advice & experience, or anything we learn from each other and grow. 

Helping other unprivileged women who cannot make an income to survive in a big city like Los Angeles so they can support themselves and their families or even stand up on their own feet is what I stand for and the brand.

To be part of the brand, they must strive and work hard, be active, reliable, professional in communication, punctual, and know how to present themselves.


Before we meet, there are few guidelines you need to comprehend to ensure we have a delightful and unforgettable experiences.​


  • Having transparent communication without making assumptions is preferred, so please feel free to question me without any reluctance.

  • Booking weeks or even months ahead is no issue. The minimum booking for incall and outcall is 4 hours.

  • Do not mention the consideration by phone, email, text message, or even in person.

  • I value privacy, discretion, high emotional intelligence, respect, kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, and sincerity.

  • If there is another person present we did not previously agree upon meeting with, our meeting will be canceled immediately. Private drivers, pilots, or chefs are exceptions.

  • I do not smoke. I'm not 420-friendly, but I do not mind if you engage.

  • I respect privacy and trust; anything we do or share will be kept private. I expect the same from you, and please do not discuss me with other people or write reviews anywhere—the same respect in return from me.

  • Chivalry, generosity, a sense of humor, high emotional intelligence, acts of services, and good matters are a big turn-on for me. 

  • I do not send pictures.

  • I am verified on multiple platforms, including SLIXA, and TER, so you can feel safe and comfortable contacting me. I preferred the same way for you to feel safe to connect. 


Additional Financial Conditions

  • If you’d like to visit me, I’ll need 24 hours to prepare a space and an additional fee of $200. I am a fully independent companion and have never been affiliated with an agency other than my brand. I am happy to accommodate same-day requests for 50% extra gratuity.

  • I do require a small deposit to confirm a date, sans exception. $200 for dates two hours and under, $500 for dates above this time pocket. 50% for Fly Me To You/Drive Me To You (outside LA County). Dates outside LA County require a twelve-hour minimum booking time.

  • A date cannot be confirmed without a deposit. Bitcoin is preferred (please board the crypto train!), but I also accept Amazon/Visa gift cards.

  • I understand that life happens, and we all need to cancel/reschedule sometimes. I’m happy to return your deposit if cancellation occurs 48 hours before our date. A first cancellation that occurs within a 48-hour window can be applied towards a future date. A second cancellation occurring within a 48-hour window of our date incurs a 50% gratuity. Cancellations within a 24-hour window of our date behest full gratuity.

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